Turkish cultural products have become successful export commodities that change the way Turkey and Turks are viewed abroad. Trade, travel, and migration to, through, and from Turkey are generating intercultural encounters that are simultaneously both fruitful and challenging. Change abounds, but it is also possible to argue that cultural hybridity and receptivity to foreign influences have been features of Turkish culture since early Ottoman times.

• Research and teaching in this theme will explore these issues of continuity and change, making use of approaches from both the social science and the humanities. Topics to be examined include the changing role of religion and the new Anatolian middle class; the integration of Turkish migrant communities in the EU; media and literature in Turkey; and language as well as language policy.


Jenny White lectures and writes on topics ranging from political Islam and civil society to ethnic identity and gender issues.

Hans Ingvar Roth has written extensively on human rights, affirmative action, minority rights, multicultural education and epistemology.