SUITS Visiting Scholar Program

Stockholm University Institute for Turkish Studies (SUITS) supports applications for external grants by active academic researchers and university faculty members in the social sciences and humanities who wish to conduct their research at SUITS. For successful applicants SUITS provides funding for conference travel and research expenses, access to office space, the Stockholm university library, and other campus resources, as well as a dynamic and supportive research environment.

Interested scholars are responsible for locating their own outside sources of research funding, but can consult for suggestions.


Applications to our programme are reviewed on a rolling basis with deadlines on November 21 and May 1. If you need a letter from a supporting institution (e.g. SUITS) when you submit your outside funding application, then make that deadline clear in your application to us.

Depending on the deadline of the external grant, applicants may submit their request for support from SUITS either during the Fall or the Spring. The complete application should be submitted to SUITS via email no later than November 21 in the Fall or May 1 in the Spring. Applications are evaluated by a committee of scholars appointed by SUITS’ Director and decisions will be communicated to the prospective researcher at the latest two months after the deadline. Send applications and inquiries to

Selection criteria

The Stockholm University Institute for Turkish Studies (SUITS) welcomes applications from active academic researchers and university faculty members in the social sciences and humanities. The proposed research should meet the following criteria:

  • The applicant must have a doctoral degree
  • The applicant should have a good working knowledge of English
  • The proposed research is relevant to one of SUITS’ three main research areas:
    • Governance, Economics and Contemporary Topics
    • International Relations
    • Culture, Language and Society

Applications will be evaluated on the basis of three main criteria:

  • The expected quality of the proposed research (based on the research proposal and writing samples)
  • The feasibility of the proposed research
  • The fit of the research topic with SUITS research areas and current needs

Application materials

Applications to the Visiting Scholars Program should be made in English. The application should be complete at the time of submission and include the following documents:

Cover letter

The cover letter shows why you are interested in participating in the guest researcher program and tells us a little more about yourself. It explains your interest in coming to SUITS, your proposed dates of visit, and how your proposed study fits the SUITS research profile.

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

The CV summarizes your academic/professional history and research experience. Please note that publications should be divided by kind and listed chronologically.

Outline of the proposed research project

A two-to-five page proposal describing your project and the resources you intend to use while at Stockholm University. This is the essence of your application. Proposed projects should relate to the existing thematic areas of interest of the Institute for Turkish Studies.

Successful applications will follow the guidelines given below:​

1. Title: Does the title accurately reflect the content?

2. Purpose of the proposed study: What is the intellectual goal? What will be learned through your work? Is it expressed in concrete, specific, and detailed language? What will be the final output or product of your efforts – research paper (s), a report, a book, a chapter? Are the goals realistic and doable?

3. Background and Justification (Why is it needed?): What is the broader rationale for the project? How does it relate to or build on other work in the area – be specific with names of those who work in a similar and/or related field and their significant publications. How much work have you already done on this topic? Is it related to your ongoing research? Have you already done a literature review, or will that be part of what you would do at SUITS? What is your methodology? Will it involve interviews? A survey?

4. Project Plan: Tasks and timeline (How and when will you accomplish your goal(s)? Have you broken down the steps you will take to accomplish each part of the project? Do you have a schedule for completed tasks?

5. Qualifications: Please include no more than a paragraph on your specific experiences


6. Budget Draft: SUITS can provide limited support for travel costs for fieldwork and other relevant research-related costs. Please provide an itemized budget if relevant.

7. Reference List: Please provide a short selected project bibliography of publications in English.

Publications or manuscripts

Submit three samples of written academic work that you consider the most representative of your research.

Two professional letters of recommendation less than a year old.

Letters of recommendation from two persons able to assess your scholarship and/or research project are required. Letters should be emailed directly to by the referees before the application deadline.

Kräftriket 4, Home of SUITS, Photo: Eva Dalin

Kräftriket 4, Home of SUITS, Photo: Eva Dalin

Responsibilities of a visiting scholar

  • SUITS visiting scholars are responsible for conducting their own independent research while at Stockholm University.
  • Visiting scholars are encouraged to present their research or otherwise take part in seminars or conferences at the Institute if such opportunities arise during his/her stay.
  • Visiting scholars are asked to acknowledge SUITS in any publications that result from research carried out while affiliated with SUITS. The Institute appreciates receiving copies of publications or papers researched or completed during a visitor’s stay with the Institute.
  • Visiting scholars are responsible for finding and making arrangements for their own housing for the duration of their stay.

Privileges of a visiting scholar

  • Funding for conference travel and/or research expenses for visiting scholars. (Please indicate expected research related expenses in your budget when applying.)
  • A work space and access to a computer, printing and copying..
  • A Stockholm University ID card for full borrowing privileges at Stockholm University libraries, an SU e-mail account, and free access to Stockholm University wireless Internet.
  • The opportunity to receive input on his/her work from scholarly peers at the regular Higher Research Seminar, as well as to participate in the dynamic and supportive research environment here at SUITS.
  • Free emergency health insurance.


For further information on the visiting scholar program or the application process, contact the administration at