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Turkish Kaleidoscope book launch

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Open events: lectures, panel discussions and more

SUITS hosts lectures and panel discussions throughout the year and our researchers also participate in open events hosted my numerous other institutions - in Stockholm, nationally and internationally. Please subscribe to our newsletter and like our Facebook page to keep updated on future events.

List of Open Lectures

Currently, many events are being held virtually. Here is a selection of of those recorded talks:

Open Lecture: Jenny White: What Makes Autocrats Popular? (3 March 2021)

Turkey's Mission Impossible (8 December 2020)


Cengiz Candar, Disinguished Visiting Scholar, SUITS
Bitte Hammargren, MENA expert and independent journalist

Co-hosted by SUITS and the Swedish Institute of International Affairs (UI)

More about Cengiz Candar's "Turkey's Mission Impossible: War and Peace with the Kurds"

Turkey's brand of authoritarianism (3 December 2020)


Şebnem Gümüşçü, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Middlebury College
Berk Esen, Assistant Profesor of International Relations, Sabancı University
Moderator: Paul Levin, Director of the Stockholm University Institute for Turkish Studies (SUITS)

Network Turkey's ONLINE TALK ON TURKEY #3

List of upcoming and past open events

Research and higher seminars

These are aimed at scholars working in related academic fields. Because many times researchers are presenting works in progress, they are not generally open to the public. Occasionally, members of the public may be welcome to attend. Contact Hans-Ingvar Roth,, for inquiries about the seminars.

List of past research seminars