“Human rights and even liberal democracy have become increasingly contentious in the past few years. This includes continued violations from populistic movements questioning the validity of human rights and authoritarian states such as China, Turkey and Russia selectively or entirely refashioning human rights to fit their own agendas”, says Hans Ingvar Roth.

Hans Ingvar Roth describes the 1990s as a time when human rights flourished, with the fall of the Berlin Wall and the disintegration of communism. However, the last 15 years have seen a move backwards. He names three kinds of threats: External (from authoritarian regimes like China and Russia), Internal (from populist movements within democratic countries), and the Natural threat (from environmental degradation, climate change and pandemics).

He ends with a look to the future, pointing towards multilateral cooperation and activist engagement as seen in the Belarus protests. “Freedom and democracy really mean something for people.”

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