The Fourth Abu Dhabi Strategic Debate was held over two days (12-13 November 2017) and featured nine panels with over 100 politicians, diplomats and specialists and another 500 people in attendance. The purpose of the event was to discuss strategic issues and policies of importance to the UAE and the Gulf, both regionally and internationally.

Cengiz Candar, Distinguished Visiting Fellow and journalist, spoke on the panel “Fires and Flames in the Middle East: Turkey: A Rebirth or a Decline of a Nation?” Discussion focused on the reasoning behind, and possible implications of, Turkey’s more recent changes to foreign policy. Other panel members were: Ersat Hurmuzlu, former senior advisor to Turkish president for Middle East affairs, His Excellency Unal Cevikoz, former Turkish diplomat and columnist and Muhammed Zahid Gul, head of Sarkiyat research center in Istanbul