Dr. Imren Borsuk
Dr. Imren Borsuk

She holds a PhD from Political Science and international Relations Department of Koc university-Istanbul, Turkey. Her doctoral research delves into the comparison of Northern Ireland conflict and Kurdish problem in Turkey. She was a visiting fellow at the Center for the Study of Ethnic Conflict and conducted research on Northern Ireland problem and conflict resolution process. Imren is currently a Visiting Doctoral Researcher at Stockholm University Institute for Turkish Studies (SUITS) with a grant by Swedish Institute (SI). She is working on communal violence against Kurds and the spread out of Kurdish problem in Turkey on communal relations.

She also worked as a researcher at Transparency International-Turkey and worked on integrity and transparency of public sector in Turkey. She completed her MA at Institut Des Hautes Etudes Européennes, Université de Strasbourg in France and her BA from Galatasaray University (Turkey). During her PhD, she worked on several projects including regimes of ethnicity in the world, institutionalization of civil society during the process of Turkey’s European Union integration, urban poverty and urban transformation projects in Turkey. She was entitled to several grants during her studies including TUBITAK (the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey), bourse d’excellence of Government of France, Koc University.

Her interests include ethnic conflicts, conflict resolution processes, social and political polarization, Kurdish problem in Turkey, urban poverty and ethnic segregation.

Selected Publications:

Sonmez, Asuman; Borsuk, Imren; Hatipoğlu, Yalın. 2017. İş Dünyası Şeffaflık Sistemi Türkiye Analizi. Istanbul: Transparency International Publications. (ISBN 978-605-82771-0-6).

Sonmez, Asuman; Borsuk, Imren; Hatipoğlu, Yalın. 2017. Business Integrity Country Agenda. Istanbul: Transparency International Publications. (ISBN 978-605-82771-2-0)

Borsuk, Imren. 2016. Review Article: Peace Process in Turkey from a Conflict Resolution Perspective. Insight Turkey. 18(3): 256-259.

Borsuk, Imren. 2016. From War to Peace: Northern Ireland Conflict and the Peace Process. Uluslararası İlişkiler Dergisi. 13 (50):41-57.

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