Hans Ingvar Roth is professor of human rights at the Institute of Turkish Studies at Stockholm University. He holds a PhD in Ethics from Lund University, a Master of Letters in Philosophy from University of Oxford, a B.A. in Political Science, Philosophy, Peace and Conflict Studies from Uppsala University and a M.A in History and Religious Studies from Stockholm University. Roth is also docent (associate professor) in Ethics from Lund University.

He has written extensively on human rights, affirmative action, minority rights, multicultural education and epistemology. Among his publications are the books “Conceptions of Knowledge and Scepticism” (1992), “The Multicultural Park – A Study of Common Values in School and Society “ (1999), "Identitet och pluralism" (Identity and Pluralism) (2002), “Särbehandlingens dimensioner” (2004), “Mångkulturalismens utmaningar” (2005), “Vad är mänskliga rättigheter?” (2007) “Diskriminering” (2008), “Mångfaldens gränser” (2010). His most recent book is “Är religion en mänsklig rättighet” (2012) (Is Religious Freedom a Human Right?).

Hans Ingvar Roth has also worked as professor in human rights studies at Lund University (chair), senior lecturer in Religious Studies at Linköping University, researcher at the Centre for Multiethnic Studies at Uppsala University, senior advisor at the Ministry of Justice, as Human Rights Officer for OSCE in Bosnia and as secretary in the parliamentary committee on discrimination laws. Roth has also been a member of the Swedish Cultural Council (Non-fiction committee).

Hans Ingvar Roth is head of the Swedish team in the EU project “Accept Pluralism” which is a comparative study of integration- and minority policies in Europe. (www.eui.eu/Projects/Accept/Home.aspx) Roth has given lectures at the University of Concepcion in Chile and he is also involved as advisor in the PhD program at the department of education at the university of Concepcion. He has also given guest lectures at Toronto University (Department of Political Science), Aarhus University (Department of Political Science) and Gdansk University (Philosophy). Roth is also active as a public intellectual in daily press, especially in the national newspaper Svenska Dagbladet.

His main research interests are human rights, minority rights, freedom of religion, affirmative action, multicultural education and discrimination.

Selected publications

Roth, Hans Ingvar; Herzberg, Fredrik; Mörkenstam, Ulf; Gottardis, Andreas. 2013. Tolerance and Cultural Diversity Discourses and Practices in Sweden. http://cadmus.eui.eu/bitstream/handle/1814/27518/ACCEPT_WP5_2013-24_Country-synthesis-report_Sweden.pdf?sequence=1

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Roth, Hans Ingvar. 2002. Identitet och pluralism» — en forskningsöversikt med särskild hänsyn till religionsvetenskapliga aspekterwww.ep.liu.se/ea/iap/2003/001/iap03001.pdf

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Roth, Hans Ingvar. 1999. The multicultural park : a study of common values at school and in society. http://www.diva-portal.org/smash/get/diva2:822886/FULLTEXT01.pdf

Selected articles

Roth, Hans Ingvar. 18 May 2014. Domen som mobiliserade USA:s svarta. Understrecket, Svenska dagbladet. www.svd.se/kultur/understrecket/domen-som-mobiliserade-usas-svarta_3568492.svd

Roth, Hans Ingvar. 2013. Ronald Dworkin – Religion Without God. Book review, web-based journal DIXIKON: www.dixikon.se/utvalda-bocker/engelska/ronald-dworkin-religion-without-god/

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Roth, Hans Ingvar. 21 October 2003. Tyranner räddade undan rättvisan. Understrecket, Svenska dagbladet. www.svd.se/kultur/understrecket/tyranner-raddade-undan-rattvisan_114844.svd




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