Michael Sahlin has held many roles in the political and diplomatic arena, including as ambassador in Turkey/Azerbajdzan, Spain, former Yugoslavia/Macedonia, Norway and as Swedish Special Envoy for Sudan/South Sudan. In addition, he was the founder and first Director General of the Folke Bernadotte Academy - an agency under the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

He also had serveral postings during the 1980's and 1990's in the area of Defence Policy - as Secretary of the 1982-83 Submarine Commission, Chief Secretary of the 1984 Parlamentary Defence Committee and head of office of the Standing Committee of Defence in Parliament and State Secretary of Defence 1991-1994.

Michael Sahlin holds a PhD in Political Science from Uppsala University. His thesis was about Nigerian politics "Neo-authoritarianism and the Problem of Legitimacy - A General Study and a Nigerian Example".

In recent years he has mainly focused on writing and lecturing about Turkey's domestic and foreign affairs Turkey and Turkey as a US/NATO partner in the Middle East.