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  • "Recreating Pluralism" project casts new light on entrenched issues 2017-08-08 A series of workshops on pluralism in post-Ottoman societies has kicked off with contributions from Dr. Isa Blumi and other SUITS affiliated researchers.
  • Reinstating the Ottomans out in paperback 2017-06-07 Isa Blumi's book, Reinstating the Ottomans: Alternative Balkan Modernities 1800-1912, has recently been released in paperback.
  • Referendum in Turkey inspires two panel discussions in Stockholm 2017-05-09 On 26 and 27 April, SUITS hosted 2 successful panel discussions. The first was cohosted with the Folke Bernadotteakademin and featured the OSCE's election observers who had just returned from Turkey. The second was a panel discussion comprised of SUITS faculty.
  • Turkey from the coup till the referendum 2017-04-12 What has made Erdogan so popular? What is at stake in the referendum? Jenny White and Paul Levin from SUITS analyse the current state of politics in Turkey.
  • Dr. Isa Blumi at IAI in Bologna 2017-04-11 The IAI (Istituto Affari Internazionali) invited Sr. Lecturer Isa Blumi to speak at a conference entitled Regional (Dis)order in the Middle East: Historical Legacies and Current Shifts.
  • Dr. Paul Levin at the Swedish Parliament 2017-04-06 Paul Levin gave a presentation on the state of politics in Turkey at an event entitled "Seminar on Turkey - what is happening and what does it mean?," held by the Swedish Advocacy Group for Human Rights in Turkey (SSKT).
  • Prof. Hans Ingvar Roth at Oslo University 2017-02-14 On 13 February 2017, Prof. Hans Ingvar Roth gave a lecture on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Peng Chun Chang at the Norwegian Center for Human Rights at Oslo University.
  • SUITS`s Cengiz Candar at MERI Forum 2016 2016-11-14 SUITS Distinguished Visiting Fellow Cengiz Candar gave a speech in the Middle East Research Institute (MERI) Forum 2016 in Erbil in Kurdistan Region of Iraq.
  • New Visiting Postdoctoral Researcher at SUITS 2016-10-07 From September 2016, Dr. Berna Ekal Simsek is based at SUITS as Visiting Postdoctoral Researcher.
  • Yttrandefrihet i fokus på bokmässan 2016-10-07 Forskare från Stockholms universitet medverkades i flera programpunkter med fokus på yttrandefrihet under årets bokmässa i Göteborg. Bland annat diskuterade flera forskare det aktuella läget för yttrandefrihet i Turkiet.
  • New Visiting Doctoral Researcher at SUITS 2016-09-21 From September 2016, Egemen Bezci is based at SUITS as Visiting Doctoral Researcher.
  • Hans Ingvar Roth in Symposium about P.C Chang and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 2016-09-21 Prof. Roth's new book about the Chinese academic, philosopher, playwright and diplomat Peng Chun Chang is published in September.
  • Hans Ingvar Roth: "Därför misslyckades militärkuppen" 2016-07-26 Hans Ingvar Roth, professor i mänskliga rättigheter vid SUITS skriver om varför kuppförsöket i Turkiet misslyckades.
  • Vice-Chancellor on Turkey and academic freedom 2016-07-25 Stockholm University Vice-Chancellor Astrid Söderbergh Widding writes on Turkey and the threats to academic freedom and freedom of expression.
  • New Distinguished Associate Fellow at SUITS 2016-06-20 Dr. Michael Sahlin joins the list of eminent academics at Stockholm University Institute for Turkish Studies.
  • Cengiz Çandar Joins SUITS as Visiting Fellow 2016-06-14 The Turkish journalist, senior columnist and Middle East expert Cengiz Çandar is new Distinguished Visiting Fellow at SUITS.
  • Isa Blumi Presented Paper at NYU 2016-06-14 On May 8, Dr. Isa Blumi, Senior Lecturer at SUITS, presented his new paper "Return to the Land: Identifying the Origins of Modern Gulf from its Ottomen Hinterland" at NYU.
  • Hans Ingvar Roth i konferens vid Princeton 2016-05-16 Professor Hans Ingvar Roth deltog den 6:e och 7:e maj i en konferens vid Princeton University i USA arrangerad av the Department of Politics.
  • Watch the open lecture: The Global Ottoman Refugee 2016-02-29 On February 25, Dr. Isa Blumi, Senior Lecturer at SUITS, held an open lecture entitled "The Global Ottoman Refugee" at Stockholm University.
  • Ulla Ehrensvärds litteratur om Turkiet till SUITS 2016-02-23 Professor Ulla Ehrensvärd, född 1927, var Sveriges ledande karthistoriker och forskningsarkivarie. Hon avled den 17 april 2015 och testamenterade sina skrifter och böcker om Turkiet till SUITS.
  • New Senior Lecturer at SUITS 2015-12-16 From January 2016, Dr. Isa Blumi is Senior Lecturer of Turkish Studies at SUITS.
  • Busy autumn for SUITS in the Media 2015-12-16 After a complicated and diverse autumn in Turkey SUITS have provided analysis in several national and international media outlets.
  • Turkey in Turmoil: What Next? 2015-12-15 On November 18, 2015 the Swedish Institute of International Affairs arranged a discussion on the rapid political developments in Turkey with domestic and international consequences. SUITS Paul Levin was one of the panellists.
  • Populism and crises of liberal democracy discussed at first European Symposium on Turkey 2015-12-14 On October 1-3 SUITS will participate in the Inaugural European Symposium on Turkey at the University of Graz.
  • Application call for The Swedish-Turkish Scholarship Programme for PhD studies 2015-11-24 The Scholarship application for the academic year 2016/2017 is open between between 2 November 2015 and 16 January 2016. The programme is funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Sweden and administered by the Swedish Institute (SI).
  • Open lecture: EU, Turkey, Germany, Sweden and the refugee crisis 2015-11-16 How can the EU and Turkey go from words to deeds and what more can be done in concrete terms in order to handle the challenge of managing the refugee crisis?
  • Joint SUITS-Sieps Event: Turkey at the Polls, Again? What Europe can Expect 2015-10-23 On October 22, SUITS held an open seminar on the upcoming November 1 snap elections in Turkey together with Swedish Institute for European Policy Studies (Sieps).
  • New course on human rights in the Middle East, Turkey and East Asia 2015-09-21 This autumn The Department of Asian, Middle Eastern and Turkish Studies will be giving a new course called "Human rights in the Middle East, Turkey and East Asia". Hans Ingvar Roth, professor of human rights at SUITS, will be one of the lecturers.
  • Konflikt i P1: I huvudet på president Erdoğan 2015-08-25 SUITS Paul T. Levin gästade Sveriges Radios fördjupande utrikesmagasin "Konflikt" för att diskutera hur man ska förstå president Tayyip Erdoğans politiska spel efter sommarens oroligheter i Turkiet.
  • SUITS i Almedalen: 50 års lyckad invandring från Turkiet? 2015-07-13 Den 1 juli hade SUITS ett välbesökt seminarium i Almedalen där invandringen från Turkiet till Sverige diskuterades med sakkunniga.
  • SUITS co-founder of new European Consortium 2015-06-16 SUITS is one of the founding members of the new Consortium For European Symposia on Turkey, CEST.
  • Hans-Ingvar Roth in conference on law and religion in Africa 2015-06-16 On May 18, SUITS' professor Hans-Ingvar Roth participated in The Third Conference on Law and Religion in Windhoek, Namibia.
  • SUITS i medierna inför turkiska parlamentsvalet 2015-06-10 Den 2 juni höll SUITS en pressträff inför parlamentsvalet i Turkiet. Ett flertal riksmedier rapporterade om det dramatiska läget och under valveckan citerades SUITS flitigt i medierna.
  • Book review: "The Oxford Handbook of Refugee & Forced Migration Studies" 2015-05-26 Dr. Bahar Baser, Post-doctoral Fellow at SUITS, writes review on The Oxford Handbook of Refugee & Forced Migration Studies.
  • New book about Diasporas and Homeland Conflicts 2015-05-26 In the new book "Diasporas and Homeland Conflicts - A Comparative Perspective", Bahar Baser, postdoctoral research fellow at Stockholm University of Turkish Studies, makes a careful comparison of how homeland conflicts unfold between second-generation Turkish and Kurdish communities in Sweden and Germany.
  • Book review: "Being German, Becoming Muslim" 2015-04-27 In the lastest issue of Turkish Review, Dr. Digdem Soyaltin wrote a review on Esra Özyürek's book "Being German, Becoming Muslim: Race, Religion and Conversation in the New Europe".
  • A statement by SUITS Affiliated Professor Erik Jan Zürcher 2015-04-20 A declaration to the public by Professor Erik Jan Zürcher on the occasion of the centenary of the Armenian Genocide: On the occasion of the centenary of the Armenian genocide someone like me, who sees himself as a historian of Turkey in the twentieth century, has to speak out.
  • New Postdoctoral Visiting Researcher at SUITS 2015-03-30 From March 2015, Dr. Asli Postaci will be based at SUITS as Visiting Researcher. Asli´s research interests include comparative politics, civil-military relations, transitional justice, memory politics, democratization, Turkish Politics and Latin American Politics.
  • Prof. Hans Ingvar Roth på SU:s öppet hus 2015-03-30 Den 11 mars, kl.14:00 gav Hans Ingvar Roth, professor i mänskliga rättigheter vid Stockholms universitetet Institutet för Turkietstudier (SUITS), en föreläsning som heter "FN förklaringen om de mänskliga rättigheterna - en mångkulturell historia". Föreläsningen ägde rum i Sal 4, Södra huset.
  • SUITS' Bahar Baser in ISA's 56th Annual Convention 2015-03-18 SUITS' postdoctoral research fellow, Bahar Baser presented two papers at ISA's 56th Annual Convention 2015 in New Orleans.
  • New Master’s Course in Area Studies 2015-03-11 As a result of collaboration between SUITS, Middle Eastern studies, and the Institute of Latin American Studies, Stockholm University is now introducing a new course in Area Studies.
  • Prof. Hans Ingvar Roth gav en öppen föreläsning i Historiska museet 2015-02-20 Den 18 februari, kl.18:00 - kl.19:00 gave Prof. Roth, professor i mänskliga rättigheter vid SUITS en öppen föreläsning om sin bok "Mångfaldens Gränser" i Historiska museet. Intresset för evenemanget var stort.
  • Special issue of Turkish Studies out in December 2014-12-17 December sees the publishing of a special issue of the Turkish Studies journal, entitled "New Directions in Turkish Studies". The special issue features original research illustrating the broader impact of Turkish studies as a research field and is the outcome of a collaboration between ITS, Georetown University and SUITS.
  • SUITS newsletter autumn-winter 2014-15 2014-12-11 The SUITS newsletter for autumn/winter 2014/15 is out now! The current issue covers recent events and developments, including the successful panel on ISIS, and developments in research and personnel.
  • SUITS now on Twitter! 2014-12-11 SUITS recently joined micro-blogging site Twitter. Tweets will focus on our news and events, with images and quotes from speakers and presentations. Twitter has taken on an important role internationally, and has become increasingly popular with politicians, the media and the general public.
  • New postdoctoral researcher with focus on conflict, migration and diaspora 2014-12-01 From the beginning of January 2014, Dr Bahar Baser will be based at SUITS as a Swedish Institute Postdoctoral Research Fellow. Bahar’s research interests include ethno-national conflicts and political violence, conflict resolution, third party mediation, migration and diaspora studies.
  • Lyckat SUITS evenemang lockade över 100 besökare 2014-11-28 Den 24 november 2014 anordnade SUITS i samarbete med Utrikespolitiska Föreningen Stockholm ett panelsamtal kring ISIS, Turkiet och nationalstatens framtid i Mellanöstern. Intresset för evenemanget var stort. Runt 130 personer köade för att komma in i en lokal som rymde 100. Ett antal personer samlade utanför lokalen och tittade tillsammans på direktsändningen på universitetets play-sida. Evenemanget spelades in och finns nu på
  • SUITS event in Turkey explores Hi-tech Entrepreneurship 2014-11-28 In November, Stockholm University Institute for Turkish Studies (SUITS), together with the Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey (TEPAV), organised a public event on the theme of hi-tech entrepreneurship. The event, which took place in Istanbul attracted around 40 people engaged with innovation and entrepreneurship from within the business community and academia.
  • Paul Levin co-publishes chapter in Chinese mega-cities book 2014-11-28 The chapter, entitled (Failed) mega-events and city transformation: the green vision of the 2004 Olympic village in Stockholm, focuses on the unfolding of events surrounding the failed bid for Stockholm to host the 2004 Olympics, resulting in what is widely considered to be an internationally recognised model of sustainable urban planning.
  • Higher seminar on human rights and the new Arab constitutions 2014-11-28 In November Professor Hans Ingvar Roth invited Said Mahmoudi, Professor of International Law at Stockholm University, to give a presentation about the the new Arab constitutions, as part of the SUITS Higher Seminar series.
  • Diğdem Soyaltın looks at the 2014 EU Progress Turkey Report 2014-10-22 The current President Erdoğan has previously declared 2014 to be the "Year of the European Union". However, according to SUITS post doctoral researcher Diğdem Soyaltın the 2014 EU report raises serious concerns with regard to fundamental freedoms and rule of law in Turkey.
  • Interview with SUITS director on situation in Turkey 2014-10-09 On 9 October 2014, SUITS Director Dr. Levin was interviewed by DN, one of Sweden’s biggest daily newspapers, on the situation in Turkey, where violent protests from the Kurdish minority has led to the deaths of fourteen people.
  • SUITS researchers at ECPR General Conference 2014-10-09 SUITS director Dr Paul T. Levin recently chaired a panel entitled The Europeanisation of Turkey: Transforming or Empowering Actors, Interests, and Institutions? during the ECPR General Conference in Glasgow that took place 3-6 September 2014.
  • SUITS business event well attended 2014-10-09 In September 2014, SUITS held a joint half-day seminar in Stockholm, together with Business Sweden and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, entitled Turkey – Opportunities And Risks On The Road Ahead. The event was aimed at helping Swedish companies in making assessments of the Turkish market by highlighting both the challenges and the opportunities that Turkey offers.
  • Television interview with Paul Levin on presidential elections in Turkey 2014-10-09 On 8 August 2014, the Swedish television programme “Gomorron Sverige” featured an interview with SUITS director Dr Paul Levin in the run up to the presidential elections in Turkey.
  • Higher Seminar: The AKP and the Uncertain Path of Turkish Democracy 2014-09-04 SUITS held a higher seminar on 2 September with Prof. Ziya Önis Professor of International Relations, Koc University Istanbul.
  • Jenny White on coffee, camaraderie and the cultural logic of factionalism 2014-07-04 Professor Jenny White has spent the academic year 2013-14 in Stockholm working on an intimate history of Turkey’s 1970s quasi-civil war. In a new article she takes stock of her time in Stockholm and reflects on the roots of contemporary Turkish society.
  • The Death of an Empire - the Ottomans in WWI 2014-07-04 A new recording of the lecture "The Death of an Empire - the Ottomans in WWI" by renowned historian Erik J. Zürcher, SUITS Affilated Professor is now available. The lecture took place on 15 May 2014.
  • Joint SUITS-ITS Symposium 2014-06-17 The Institute of Turkish Studies at Georgetown University (ITS), and the Institute for Turkish Studies at Stockholm University (SUITS) came together to explore trends in Turkish Studies in a symposium entitled “Turkish Studies from an Interdisciplinary Perspective”, which took place in May 2014.
  • Turkey at tipping point? 2014-06-17 "Until a year ago, Turkey was held up as a model, a country of devout Muslims who ran the government along pragmatic and not religious principles, even if these were power and profit," said Jenny White, Distinguished Visiting Professor at SUITS, in an interview with USA Today in May 2014.
  • SUITS researcher on Turkey Twitter controversy 2014-06-17 SUITS researcher Digdem Soyaltin was interviewed by the Swedish national news agency TT, regarding Turkey's highly controversial decision to block Twitter. The interview was carried by 145 news outlets in Sweden, including most major Swedish national news channels, during March 2014.
  • Exploring Global Warming, Water & Turkey 2014-06-16 On 11 April, the Stockholm University Institute for Turkish Studies (SUITS) held a workshop for center directors, established senior researchers, and doctoral students in Stockholm working within climate change and water. The workshop was entitled "Global Warming, Water and Turkey".
  • Unpacking the “Black Box of Corruption” in Turkey 2014-06-13 by SUITS Visiting Doctoral Researcher Digdem Soyaltin
  • Platser kvar på Masterkurs 2014-02-10
  • The Baltic and the Black Sea Region From A Comparative Perspective: The Case of Security 2014-01-14 by Tiziana Melchiorre, PHD Student at Department of Economic History, Stockholm University
  • SUITS Reception 2013-12-17 in honor of SUITS' 2013 visiting faculty, on 9th of December 2013
  • Turkish Wave in TV Drama 2013-12-17 A panel of experts from academia and media in Sweden and Turkey gathered to explore the global phenomenon of Turkish TV drama. The panel was moderated by SUITS director, Dr. Paul T. Levin, and took place in Stockholm on October 25, 2013. The event was covered widely by Swedish and Turkish media, with over a dozen media outlets reporting on the event.
  • SUITS Associate Director gave a talk in Göteborg 2013-12-17 Ekin Ergün Björstedt, The Associate Director of SUITS, participated in a panel discuss on the role of the Turkish civil society and the Turkish state organised by Utrikespolitiska föreningen Göteborg.
  • Visit from Turkish History Foundation 2013-12-17 on 9th of November 2013
  • II. SUITS Advisory Council Meeting 2013-12-17 The second meeting of SUITS’ Advisory Council took place in October, hosted by the Alarko Group. This time, the meeting was held in Istanbul, at the beautifully located Alarko headquarters. The Advisory Council is chaired by Prof. Dr. Johan Kleman and consists of representatives from: Alarko Holding, H&M, Open Society Foundation, SSAB, Swe-Turk, TeliaSonera, TESEV, TOBB and TUSIAD
  • Rector´s Visit to Turkey 2013-12-17 on 8th - 12th of September 2013
  • SUITS-TESEV Roundtable: Turkey-EU Relations in light of Recent Developments in the MENA Region 2013-12-17 on 9th of December in Stockholm, Sweden
  • SUITS & SULCIS Joint Seminar 2013-12-16 Economic Progress and Social Cohesion for Migrants from Turkey and their Descendents in Sweden: in Light of EU Accession and Potential Migration Processes from Turkey by Dr. E. Aycan Celikaksoy Mortensen
  • Second SUITS Advisory Council Meeting 2013-11-25 The second SUITS Advisory Council was held in October in Istanbul, at the beautifully located Alarko headquarters.
  • Turkey at Crossroads 2013-11-21 Assoc. Prof. Murat Somer - Senior Visiting Scholar at SUITS - gave a talk entitled "Turkey at Crossroads" at Linköping University on November 20th, 2013.
  • Debriefing on Turkey 2013-11-20 by Mr. Håkan Åkesson, the Former Swedish Ambassador to Turkey.
  • The global impact of the Turkish wave in TV Drama 2013-10-13 Perspectives on Turkey Series

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