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A Global Perspective on Turkish affairs

The core mission of the Stockholm University Institute for Turkish Studies (SUITS) is to contribute to a broad and well informed understanding of Turkey and Turkish affairs in academia, civil society, government, and the private sector in Europe as well as the rest of the world.


  • SUITS Panel April 2017 Referendum in Turkey inspires two panel discussions in Stockholm 2017-05-09 On 26 and 27 April, SUITS hosted 2 successful panel discussions. The first was cohosted with the Folke Bernadotteakademin and featured the OSCE's election observers who had just returned from Turkey. The second was a panel discussion comprised of SUITS faculty.
  • Turkey coup video screenshot Turkey from the coup till the referendum 2017-04-12 What has made Erdogan so popular? What is at stake in the referendum? Jenny White and Paul Levin from SUITS analyse the current state of politics in Turkey.
  • Dr. Isa Blumi at IAI in Bologna 2017-04-11 The IAI (Istituto Affari Internazionali) invited Sr. Lecturer Isa Blumi to speak at a conference entitled Regional (Dis)order in the Middle East: Historical Legacies and Current Shifts.

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