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A Global Perspective on Turkish affairs

The core mission of the Stockholm University Institute for Turkish Studies (SUITS) is to contribute to a broad and well informed understanding of Turkey and Turkish affairs in academia, civil society, government, and the private sector in Europe as well as the rest of the world.


  • Isa Blumi Presented Paper at NYU 2016-05-24 On May 8, Dr. Isa Blumi, Senior Lecturer at SUITS, presented his new paper "Return to the Land: Identifying the Origins of Modern Gulf from its Ottomen Hinterland" at NYU.
  • Hans-Ingvar Roth. Foto: Clément Morin. Hans Ingvar Roth i konferens vid Princeton 2016-05-16 Professor Hans Ingvar Roth deltog den 6:e och 7:e maj i en konferens vid Princeton University i USA arrangerad av the Department of Politics.
  • Jenny White New Professor at SUITS 2016-04-18 Jenny White joins SUITS as Professor of Turkish Studies in August. She is currently Professor of Antropology at Boston University.

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