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A Global Perspective on Turkish affairs

The core mission of the Stockholm University Institute for Turkish Studies (SUITS) is to contribute to a broad and well informed understanding of Turkey and Turkish affairs in academia, civil society, government, and the private sector in Europe as well as the rest of the world.


  • Prof. Jenny White attending the “Turkish Studies from an Interdisciplinary Perspective” Symposium, which took place on 7 and 14 May 2014 in Georgetown and Stockholm. Jenny White on coffee, camaraderie and the cultural logic of factionalism 2014-07-04 Professor Jenny White has spent the academic year 2013-14 in Stockholm working on an intimate history of Turkey’s 1970s quasi-civil war. In a new article she takes stock of her time in Stockholm and reflects on the roots of contemporary Turkish society.
  • The Death of an Empire - the Ottomans in WWI 2014-07-04 A new recording of the lecture "The Death of an Empire - the Ottomans in WWI" by renowned historian Erik J. Zürcher, SUITS Affilated Professor is now available. The lecture took place on 15 May 2014.
  • Joint SUITS-ITS Symposium 2014-06-17 The Institute of Turkish Studies at Georgetown University (ITS), and the Institute for Turkish Studies at Stockholm University (SUITS) came together to explore trends in Turkish Studies in a symposium entitled “Turkish Studies from an Interdisciplinary Perspective”, which took place in May 2014.

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